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Be inspired

Be inspired and open up to beauty around you, as often it lays in small things longing to be noticed. Let everyday lead you closer to the present and present be your guide to happiness.

About: Akvile Minkevicius

I am Mississauga based artist & felt maker. I was born and grew up in Lithuania but for the past sixteen years Canada is my home. Since my childhood I was involved with arts, from grade five I attended art school and continued my post secondary studies at Art Academy in Vilnius, Lithuania and Humber College in Toronto.
I feel passionate about felt making and blessed to be able to use my artistic knowledge in the process. I make a variety of felt fashion accessories for everyday and special occasions. Each of my felts is handmade by me using only the finest materials. I love working with wool, silk and plant fibers, blending them with fabrics in the process called nuno felting. My scarves, wraps and shawls are not only pieces of wearable art but practical accessories that are long lasting and functional. They often feature expressive and vibrant color combinations, interesting textures.

Wearing my felts means making a bold statement, feeling unique and stylish.